Battlefield 4 - Movie Edition HD (PC 1440p)

Battlefield 4 - Movie Edition HD (PC 1440p)
Battlefield 4 full game movie: cutscenes and gameplay from the single-player campaign of DICE's 2013 shooter edited together for a cinematic experience.

I've included all cutscenes and most of the in-game dialogue related to the main narrative in order to preserve as much of the story and character moments as possible. Gameplay segments were edited in to improve flow and pacing and also wherever it was necessary to give context to the narrative.

All in-game footage was captured on PC at 1440p resolution with Ultra settings.

Battlefield Series - Movie Edition:
Battlefield 3:

Story synopsis:
In 2020, the assassination of presidential candidate Jin Jie and a military coup in China throws the country into chaos. As the crisis unfolds, Tombstone, a US Marines special forces squad, is tasked with retrieving two VIPs from Shanghai who may be the key to preventing all-out war between the US and China.

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